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Just want to tell everyone about the super clown who entertained at my son's party last week. He bounced into our home and took control of an unruly crowd of 4 and 5 year olds. Like a real pro, he pulled one trick after another out of his hat and kept the kids elated for a whole hour.

We couldn't have been more pleased!

Mark B.

Our 3 year old probably just banked his first permanent memory - that of a big, red, furry monster. We have never seen him so thrilled. Many thanks to the actor who portrayed the character perfectly and ran a great party.

Jan L.

It's a month later and all my friends are still talking about my party. We got this awesome magician to come. He did amazing tricks like making things disappear right in front of your eyes. It was really great.

Jennifer W.

For our company picnic this summer, we ordered the works, Birthdayworks that is. First they sent in the clowns - excellent, funny, colorful costumes. Next came the juggler - phenomonal talent, lots of personality. Last , a top-notch walkabout magician. Great show, Birthdayworks! Where did you get these guys?

Dan P.

When our best friends' son was about to undergo surgery, we hired "Dora" to visit the hospital to cheer him up. The Birthdayworks character was magical and we believe the encounter contributed to the overall good result. The first thing he said awaking from anesthesia and with a smile on his face was, " Where's Dora? "

Raymond M.

Having a caricature artist entertain your guests may not be the first idea that comes to mind, but take it from me, its a good one. Birthdayworks sent over a real Picasso who turned out masterpieces with phenomonal speed. The kids were fascinated by the process and each took home a framed souvenir of our son’s bar mitzvah.

Sarah W.

My 6 year old twin daughters' favorite thing is playing princess, so we chose the theme party. When the actress showed up in her beautiful blue ball gown, the girls and their friends were mesmerized. The actress was delightful and knew just how to handle the party. It was a big success.

Diane P.

Kudos to Birtyhdayworks!
Our annual block party was never so exciting.
The face painter,clown, and juggler provided by this company far exceeded our expectation.
The courteous and professional way they handled the arrangements were equally impressive.

Jerry F.

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Serving all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Southern New Hampshire

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